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was a powerful man during their argument and she was not worried he would use the power to get custody of their son. that contradicts remarks taken by a neighbor shortly after the accident. and we have live coverage of lopez's appearance today on abc 7 news at 5:00. and dan noyes will be tweeting live from inside of the proceedings using the hash tag mirkarimi. >> firefighters made quick work of a brush fire south of the oakland airport today. crews noticed smoke after 2:00 this afternoon and they found the fire burning on a strip of land on davis street. firefighters got it out and no structures were threatened. >> efforts to clean up a park that has become a haven for the homeless went off without a hitch. and there is kelly park not far from san jose state spartan stadium. crews cleared debris from a homeless camp. there have been several fires in the park and officials claim the blazes were the reason they say was to help people living here transition to a better place. >> we've been working carefully with other partners and they're involved with homeless services so we can connect
'll have >>> checking healthy living news results of recent drug trials support the use of a daily pill to prevent the spread of aids. it was developed to treat people infected with hiv but fda is now weighing tofdz determine if it's effective for preventing transmission of the disease. in the u.s. some have been prescribing it to uninfected high-risk patients. the fda will decide whether to approve the drug for preventative use by september. >> and now back to dan. >> we want to move on and talk about this heat that is finally starting to abate. it's warm in spots and spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> it's still hot inland locations not as yesterday and we have cooling fog at the coast right now as you can see. it's going to be pushing across the bay into inland locations overnight. and there is 100 degrees in antioch. 95 in livermore there is where you can see that despite the prebs presence the heat it's cooler in the bay area than yesterday. cooler in all areas tomorrow, this pattern continues into next week and there is big hot air mass covering the western half of th
five times. and she also said she would have used money to keep parks open if she'd known about it. >> time owe to get a check of the forecast. >> this has been an interesting day. blue skies and low clouds, and high clouds above. a few traveling by. there is drizzle in the morning. this evening, we can expect fog return together coastline starting to push across the bay tonight. temperatures into low 70s, overnight, might see drizzle near the coastline into overnight hours. there is mainly sunny skies and mild, like today with high temperatures ranging from low 60s at the coast to mid-80s inland. then, the weekend bringing with it beginning of an extended warm up about which i'll say much a little later. the accu-weather forecast. >> we look forward to that. thank you. >> putting down a fork may be more important than picking up weights. what a permanent tribe is teaching about obesity, ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> twitter explains an outage that affected people today. and later... >> they're stupid for people to think that. >> michael jackson's mother is talking to abc news ab
still to come. >> we're managing victims with as many victim advocates as we can get. we're using p.i.o.s from different offices so each family has someone they can rely on if they need to. >> and this d.a.says it could be a year if this goes to trial. the next court date is on monday. >> thank you. >> a 21-year-old woman who escaped the shooting gave birth today, her husband remains in critical condition. katie medley's father skipped going to the hospital this morning to attend a court hearing of james holmes. >> i feel like i make sure that justice is taken with this man. and this support everybody that has been through this. >> david sanchez says he wants holmes to face the death penalty. several of those who died are being remembered for sacrificing to save their friends. the victims honored in the u.s. senate with a moment of sil skbrens a tribute from minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> now, boy like to honor the victims by reciting their names. veronica moser-sullivan. board on... >> the president visited families and victims yesterday. you'll find more on the victims on our
throughout the city. and what police are doing to curb the use of fire works. >> take a look at this, it's small and it's dangerous, police say it's also illegal, and that you can expect to find these all over the city. this small tank promises to smoke and spark when lit. it's just one of several illegal fire work found being sold by a store in chinatown. >> this is a serious thing. >> police say the use of the fire works to mark the holiday is not only dangerous, but it il legal. this 4th of july, the skies are once again filled with bursts of light and smoke. >> there is all over the country innocent individuals from small children to adults who are either seriously wounded or killed by celebratory gunfire. >> and illegal fire works. officials issued a warning to anyone looking to light up the holiday. if you're caught using fire works you will be prosecuted. the officer admits small items aren't always seen as dangerous. >> and in the hands of a small child, koit turn that celebration into a fire scene. >> we want to celebrate together as a city but want to be safe while doing it. >>
of for closures but using rowo signing to process document autos a vallejo neighborhood celebrated reopening of its fire station today. mayor osby davis cut the ribbon at station 25. civic leaders closed threenb tations after declare bankÑp)uu. i in 2008. >> we went there to do something right right to. balance finances, now, we've come out of bankruptcy as of november, laugh year. it macks us safer and the community safer. >> grant money enables vallejo to reopen station 25. it will pay salaries and benefits of 10 firefighters two years. >> alameda county is using the health care overhaul to low income people living withlp hiv. that is the change meaning low income patients do not have to wait until they're diagnosed to qualify for long term treatment and care into the program.e1 california is the first state to roll out that reform that goes nationwide in 2014. alameda county is the larging ground within california. >> this policy shift will greatly improve how we respond to californians and will affect those on the front lines in the battle against hiv and aids. >> officials say there ar
joined us in 2006 and graduated in 2010. he was a honor student in neuroscience. and he had a merit-based scholarship while here. and then, he moved on to colorado for graduate work. >> that chancellor of uc riverside has to make, you wonder a merit scholar to a guy that tells police "i am the joker". >> mark you're familiar with san diego, what can you tell us about the neighborhood? >> it's upper middle class. a lot of spanish style homes and very much well to do part of san diego. not as fans eye as del mar bu but... >> fairly afluent? >> yes. >> the school, west view very well known and respected school in poway. >> thank you. >> and one note here. the weekend, if you plan to see the new batman movie in an amc theater don't come in costume. the chain said it's banning face-covering masks and fake weapons and costume that's make others feel uncomfortable. james holmes is said to have dyed his hair red and wear a vest, gas mass skpk glove autos police in the bay area are on heightened alert, movie goers will likely see more police patrols. we're live with that part of the story. >
reviewing this video they realized the people were involved in murder. they brought them to us. >> and there is and saying they decided not to go to police and decided to take matters in a their hands and made it pure, simple revenge skilling. >> scott peterson is appealing a guilty verdict and death sentence for the murder of his pregnant wife, laci peterson and their unborn child. he was sentenced and sent to death row in march, 2005, his attorney filed appeal with the state supreme court yesterday. he argues this trial should have been moved from san mateo county after 95% of the perspective juries said she had -- they had been exposed to information about the case. saying mistakes deprived him of a fair trial. >> and the horse races go on this afternoon at the alameda county fair a day after the jockey died. he died after falling off a horse in the last race of the day. we're live at the area with the latest. >> this is about to get underway, one day after the first fatal accident here in nearly four decades. those who knew him say he died doing what he loved and that he ce
. >> unfortunately, we have one fatality report of a 2-year-old boy. >> and the chief told us the fire may have been set accidentally perhaps by candles in the second floor hallway. just a little while ago, some of the family members showed up here at the cul-de-sac and said that the two adults taken to the hospital where the grandparents of the toddler and they're in critical condition. now, they explained that they're hindus and they have prayer altar in the second floor hallway. perhaps it was a candle in that prayer altar set off the blaze. at any rate, the fire is under investigation. and of course, the family members are grieving and coming together for support. you'll hear from some of them at 5:00 tonight. >> thank you. >> and what started as an early morning fire in the concord garage is now a police investigation. firefighters on the scene say they found evidence of a marijuana growing operation at the home on st. francis drive. a fire inspector says someone was trying to illegally supply power to the home. police did take one person into question. firefighters rescued those sleeping insid
the water line. and spencer christian tells us the coast is the only cool spot today. >> our -- we're having problem was the microphone, i'm going to talk about this. the temperature reached 99 degrees this afternoon in walnut creek, but that did not keep kids from playing baseball. and others hitting the pool while it was hot, nothing compared to the 1972, 40 years ago this, week when the mercury soared to 115 degree autos and these walkers and joggers were wise to hit lake merit. pg&e is asking us to cut back on power through 7:00 tonight. you can watch up on things and that would be a huge help. >> spencer is here with how hot it is. >> it's getting hotter, highs so far we haven't reached our peak but so far, it's 102 degrees in clover dale. 100 in antioch. 102 in livermore, 97 in concord. 97 in napa. and there is how much cooler sit at the coast. so only 59 so far in half moon bay. there hasn't been cooling influence moving beyond the coast. the fog is relatively shallow. so this is still warm around the bay. and today, i we will find out later. >> and this afternoon, the father of a man
year. and this is the first use of the controversial policy which is adopted after a fire storm of criticism over boosting pay as the university is making cuts and raising tuition as well as fees. >> and still head on abc 7 news, promising new alzheimer's treat that could halt progression of this disease for years. >> first day on the job for yahoo's new ceo and things you might not know about marisa myer. >> taking a look at traffic now. this is the skyway. it's slow going for drivers trying to make their way across the bay bridge to the east bay. and drivers heading south $'@ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> checking healthy living news a promising but experimental treatment could freeze the pro gregs of alzheimer's disease as lng as three years. the treatment is called gamma guard from baxter international n a very small study of 16 people, four patients receiving highest doses showed no decline on memory tests three years later. a larger study is pending. findings were reported in vancouver z being physically active isn't just good for body but
is a an innocent man no longer with us. and he should be at every court appearance for something this serious. >> and there is no word yet on what punishment he could face. >> the union city man accused of running into a mother and child in a stroller went before a judge today to set a preliminary hearing this, is surveillance video of the moment when the 21-year-old lost control his vehicle. you can see him speeding then smashing a traffic signal, barely missing a child on a trycycle. he says -- faces felony charges. >> we learned today accused gunman in the colorado movie theater massacre was seeking psychiatric treatment. according to the defense attorneys a package warning of an attack received by the university of colorado this week was communications between the suspect and his school psychiatrist. defense lawyers asked the judge to keep the information contained in that package from becoming public arguing it's private medical information. >> we know the identity of the man who died in a san francisco apartment fire this week. the medical examiner's office says the 78-year-old roosevel
, and nobody is being allowed back inside. but the fire department told us most of the apartments in the building will be just fine once the utilities turned back on skm two people display placed are below the apartment. if there is a bright spot in this story it's that the apartment above where the fire started, the third floor one that was gutted is vacant. >> thank you. >> firefighters in vallejo had their hands full battling two morning fires. crews had to aband onone fire so they can battle a second fire at sonoma boulevard and bella vista avenue this, is because of the city's deep cuts caused by bankruptcy filings in 2008. and we have more from vallejo. >> one fire engined pulled up with businesses on both sides of the church they needed more resources and there is no one left in vallejo to call. >> there is initially knowing we're by ourselves i thought we probably would lose the building. >> other crews were at this fire. it broke out about 15 minutes before the church fire. there is a second call and firefighters said it was tough to watch a crew leave. >> we needed resou
why there is a 5% pay cut. >> we need this information which they've refused to give to us. >> the clerks say they've made sacrifice autos for five years we've given up furloughs, and we've been helping the court when all of those were needed over the years. >> the executive officer wrote that they recognize they need to be part of the solution not a barrier to it. just like members of three court unions they have accepted necessities of sacrifice. and there are strikers pointing to a management decision to spend hundreds of millions on a failed computer system. >> there are $660 million funding staffing feeds. >> there is a all of you know at the hall of justice where traffic tickets are taken care of. those are the lines you're standing in for an hour, two and three hours. we don't have enough people working in the courts. >> and clerks tell us they're shutting down business here and similar actions at the criminal court house on bryant and youth guidance center on woodside. and there is a court says all materials and proceedings in criminal cases went forward today but c
page. stay with us for developments as they happen. we'll bring them to you here as well as on the web site. we're up did iting developments on twitter. >> and it's cooler again, today. >> there is a preview of the forecast. >> it's been a pleasant day. mild inland and there is cool near the coast. mainly clear skies with fog returning to the coastline. the pattern continuing into early morning and tomorrow morning we'll have patches of fog lingering under mainly sunny skies. by afternoon, there is sunny and low to mid-80s inland. and this pattern will continue for a while before shifting back into increasing temperatures. i'll have a look at the accu-weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 research shows you'll probably feel better if there is one place in time ipads and cell phones are off limits. >> also coming up apple suffering consequences of lowering the price on products. bloomberg west will be on the report. >> and the man convicted of killing jennifer hudson's family receives his punishment. >> first, we want to thank people
today. park officials tell us state oversight agency is satisfied with the park conducting is own investigation. this ride will remain closed until further notice. the park will not reopen the rollercoaster until they are absolutely sure it is safe. vic lee, abc7 news. >>> two people were shot in san francisco visitation valley neighborhood this afternoon. police say somebody called 911 reporting a fight between two groups, after 1:00. then, gunfire erupted. both victims were sent to san francisco general. the gunman ran after the shooting. officers encountereded a large hostile group of bystanders when they arrived but were able to calm them down so far no arrests. >>> fire burning near highway 4 in pittsburg damaged two homes this afternoon. sky 7 hd was over the scene on andrea way. the fire started in one home, quickly spread to the neighboring house. they brought that fire under control quickly, nobody was hurt. cause of the fire still under investigation. >>> the chp investigating how a santa cruz woman fell out of a moving party bus and was then run over and kill. 25-year-o
for fun, not to just come to do a shooting. >> and the manager had no comment for us today. the mayor was at jack london square for a conference. she had no comment and the former mayor of oakland, now governor, did make a statement. and we'll hear from him tonight on abc 7 6:00. >> and and breaking news in southern california wildfires and firefighters from the u.s. forest service and city and county fire departments are battling the flames. the fire in waterman canyon force aid closure of highway 18 and prompted evacuations. there are triple digit temperatures and low humidity there, making it tougher on firefighters. the cause of the fire is still being investigated and the priority at this moment put it out. >> the civil trial of a former software company owner convicted of murdering his wife got underway today. hans riser is serving 15 years to life in prison for the killing of his wife. his children filed this suit against their father. they want compensation for suffering. riser acting as his own attorney and says he's being sue forward $15.2 million but the attorney for the ch
stalked targets and robbed them at the station. they used pepper spray on anybody trying to intervene. bart police are looking for more victims. go to abc7news.com to find information on how to contact authorities if you think you were robbed by those teens >> another delay in the case of the south bay man accused of murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres was to enter a plea today that hearing was postponed. he was appointed a new attorney. about a dozen friends and supporters of the lamar family showed up at the courthouse. many of them have been involved in the search for the 15-year-old who disappeared march 16th on her way to the school bus stop. her body has still not been found. >> just being there, my presence, it is supporting the family. they are not -- they are not able to be here. by us being there we are supporting the family that's all that matters. >> reporter: why aren't they here? >> i'm not sure i don't think they are emotionally ready. >> garcia-torres' family also showed up today. they told abc7 news they strongly believe he's innocent. he's been
:00 in the afternoon in fremont. abc 7 news spoke with the family. the girl's father asked us not to reveal her identity to keep her safe. >> this family was going about business. dad left to take his daughter to school. the 12-year-old stayed home. within minutes people were banging on the door. >> the phone was unfortunately on my desk. i grabbed it and rushed to the closet. and i called my mom asking her what to do. she said call 911 as fast as possible. >> minutes later burglars were in the house. >> one of them said nice, really loudly. they found what they're looking for. one of them came into my room. and i got so scared. and then... he opened one of my drawers and left. i have a feeling they heard me whispering what, because i told the person on the phone i can see him in my room. i was scared. because... yeah. i didn't know what they're going to do to me. >> they took computers and a black berry. a major blow to dad's job but not as important as the family. >> i'm so glad she's safe. and i can't imagine what else might have happened. by the grace of god she's safe. she was brave enough
and joins us now. >> those arrested out front found him guilty. he is the cousin of barry who along with his girlfriend was charged with killing a man they claimed pimps their 17-year-old daughter. there are family and friends of the two men arrested came to court for the arraignment. they were formally charged in connection with a murder of calvin snead, the man reportedly prostituting the teenager. he was shot in this car, june 4th, in the bay view. >> yesterday afternoon there are officers arrested antonio guilton and then, around 11:00 p.m. last night, officers from our violence reduction team arrested williams. in fairfield, california. >> according to the claint they met him in the afternoon of the murder, they drove to the bay view and waited for calvin snead. the complaint says when snead drove by, guilton shot him in the head. and this is his lawyer. >> he's an innocent man. we look forward to fighting this case denot do it? >> he's an innocent skman we look forward to fighting this case. >> and the judge set bail at $2 million each and that is a same bail amount set by the parents
for help. >> we want residents to use 311 to report fire works calls if it did not cause an injury or there isn't a fire and we're asking for early activation of injury or fire as a result of fire works or any other reason. >> ideally, says the captain don't fire off fire works. understand, you can face jail time or fines or cause injuries. >> if you're going to anyway, be careful as you can be. >> and. >> there is dry trees or grass that, something we want to make sure kids are cautious when they do this. >> there are police working closely to make this safe, but the burden going to be on the public to see just how safe this 4th of july is going to be. in the east san jose foot hills abc 7 news. >> the 4th of july spirit alive and well and abc 7 news's dan ashley helped kick off celebrations. 25,000 people lined streets to get a glimpse of the floats and cars. there is a parade capturing imagination of spectators of all ages. >> spectators get easier every year. that is awesome owe it's important to get people together. >> and abc 7 news, you can see them there with the grand mars
of the earnings but 2015. ebay reporting sales at estimates as more shoppers use pay pal service to make payments. and there is exbeyond auction groups and let shoppers buy more items in instant sales. >> and there is iphone 5 just month as way expected to be slimmer but have both a larger screen and battery. this is according to the managing director just returned from china where he learned of the next iphone is already in production. here is what he had to say about what to expect from apple's next iphone. >> this is patents we've looked at we think it will be the same width but taller, we think it will be 20% thinner and aspect ratio will be different wh. you're looking you'll have a four inch screen. it will feel bigger when you read it, read on it. >> barns and noble is hoping a gift card promotion with will help boost sales of the nook. the company offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of a 16 gig tablet. this news after barns and noble released nook for web allowing readers to sample and read books from the browser. and there are stocks rose today and new home construction increased.
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